John P. O’Connor
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Master NLP Practitioner
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"I really felt very helped me to take risks and get to know my REAL self. I knew that I could tell you anything... that you wouldn't judge me. Thank you for working with me"

(It really was an honour for me too. Thanks to you - J)

I had seen a therapist once before, but never one who used a child's soft baseball bat as a tool. I actually enjoyed the sessions, there was a sense of fun in the room. The emphasis was on finding simple things that worked for me, not on a long drawn out process where I talked about how shit I felt. The best thing was that it worked, and worked quickly.

(it's what we call putting the fun into dysFUNctional - j )

"You saved my life"

(actually you did that kiddo- i just asked a few questions. Glad you are still with us. J)

“John is a really good shrink, a bit of a sneaky one, sneaky in a good way, a very good way. John sneaked into my mind, visited all those places I thought were so abysmally dark, turned on the light, messed things up completely, and thus puzzled me to health; fortunately not to "normal" though. Rather, he showed me to accept myself with all the good sides and all the sides I didn't consider so good. After only a couple of sessions, John let me go, not forgetting to give me some magic tricks on my way out. People respect you for your strengths and love you for your weaknesses. That's only one of the things I took with me. All the best to John! Thumbs up!”

"I was always very sceptical of seeking help. I thought my problems with self-confidence and misanthropy and self-sabotage were too entrenched. I knew it all. I convinced myself I was too smart for counselling, that nobody could tell me anything about how I was f==ked up that I didn't already know. I thought if I hadn't found the solution myself by now, after nearly 15 years of torturing myself, then there was none. That the world was divided between happy people and unhappy people, and that it was just my lot to be miserable. I went to see John with little expectation that change was possible. But the past few months since we ended our sessions (because the goals I came in with had been reached) have been nothing short of amazing, like nothing I ever could have imagined was possible for myself. I get on easily with everyone I meet. I now find it difficult to keep up with everyone that is seeking my company and my relationships and my position at work couldn't be better. I know it sounds arrogant to say it with such seeming smug self-satisfaction, but in all honesty, I can't even apologise for believing in myself after seeing John. Which, in itself, is a radical change in my fundamental personality. Thank you, John. You've given me the rest of my life."

Aha now I wasnt the one who made the changes - well done and keep giggling - J

I went to John on the recommendation of a friend after seeing several other therapists. I will admit that due to previous experiences I wasn’t particularly hopeful that he would be any use. I had gotten to the point where therapy had become something of a game and I was seeing how many of the therapist’s buttons I could push. I was wrong about J. He doesn’t judge but he doesn’t take any crap either, which for me was important. He also didn’t do a lot of what I had experienced before, my life and my history weren’t made out to be some sort of tragedy but rather something that I could take strength from. He was the first person and therapist where I actually talked and broke a multitude of silences in the process, some of those silences were over twenty years old. He was also the first therapist I trusted enough just to be myself in the room (plus he can see right through any bullshit mask). It also helped that it wasn’t all just me talking at him but rather an engaged conversation where solid advice was given. I can safely say that my experience with him has helped me hugely. When I started to see him I was terrified I was going to do a whole lot of damage to myself, I was beyond desperate to sort the monsters in my head and I felt terribly alone. J helped me tame them and put them on leads. They may not all be gone but they are certainly a hell of a lot better behaved. Could not be more grateful to him, he helped stopping me doing a whole lot of harm to myself. Also, not going to lie he’s become something of a role model to me. He helped me restore my faith in myself and to embrace and remember who I am.

I'd like to thank you for all your help. After 11 years of "ground", I finally can "fly" again.
I'm heading to India on Saturday and I'll think about you when I'll be on the plane. Thanks

ooops look out world! - happy travelling 🙂A client who used to have a serious issue with flight phobia:

"You have made a huge difference in my life. You unscrambled those ideas and emotions that I had built into something destructive, and helped me digest and re-adjust them so that they spurred me forwards, rather than held me back. Your gentle, teasing style (with the cheekiness that is your trademark!!) was the perfect antidote to my self un-niceness..... I wish you happiness, fun, eternal cheekiness (like who’s gonna take that away from you?!). I wish you whatever you desire-you deserve it. You’ve helped me massively, showing me the ‘I’ that I had lost, and thus giving me the impetus to pursue my dreams. You are loveliness personified. Keep doing what you do."

(hehehehe cheeky and lovely all at the same time! Glad you doing well it was fun - oh no that fun thing in therapy again!)

[John O’Connor] A one-man field hospital. He saves lives with a heart and attitude to match his tissues: big-box man-size. When I arrived, shellshocked, ..... he got me focusing on what I wanted, not what I’d lost. His stellar standards could go national. Even global.

Irish Times Journalist (and client) Published October 2010

"When I first arrived at your door I was in my own personal hell, when I left after the concluding session I felt a sense of contentment and peace that has stayed with me since and I just want to say that no turn of phrase or words of appreciation can adequately capture how profoundly grateful I am for your help and guidance. Your one of those rare people in the world that actually makes a positive difference to the lives of others. Thank you"

(As I said, I am priviledged to have worked with you - jees they will expect me to walk on water next! - well done my man)

“You have been really warm, compassionate and supportive though sharp as a knife – thanks”


“My last therapist just sat and stared at me.... She really didn’t help much. Your approach is different and it works. At least I know you are in the f***ing room with me”

(Gosh some of my clients use terrible language ! )

"You didn't let me away with any bullsh**-. I had my last therapist wrapped around my little finger. I would not have changed if I hadn’t come to see you”

(Blush - John)

“Damn you – I didn’t want this to work but I feel better. I just can’t seem to feel as bad anymore”

(ooops did I break something? John)

"Having seen John once or twice I was wondering about how great the weekends suddenly were: All fun, games, and joy! Having seen him for the fourth time, everyday life became bearable. After the fifth time, it actually has become pleasant. And so it has been ever since. Thank you very much."

(That's really sweet! - Thank You)

John O’Connor. The End of the Doom’s Day. He’s the One to save us all and kill all the Terminators who are after us (no, I’m not a schizo, I’m just overly creative). Basically, I’m still as f**ked as I was at the beginning, but… now I’m actually happy about it!!!
Not just a regular boring head- nodding therapist, but one who actually helps you concentrate on happy, good and FUN things in life, move on, and feel extraordinary happy just by snapping (literally) your fingers (NLP, baby!!!).

Ok, jokes aside, 1. you taught me how to become more aware of my feelings, emotions and thoughts and be in control of them, 2. you helped me to stop living my life inside of my head with all the dramas and soap operas in it, and now I’m actually able to see the life and fun outside, 3. you’ve shown me how amazing the therapy and NLP are, and knowing how much I loooove people with issues… I hope one day I will become a great head-wrecker like you! Thanks for all your patience working with me so far, and I beg of you keep it that way in the future!

(OMG what Have I done - J!)